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It seems clear to me, that bees have a powerful need to build a comb but is part of their natural lifecycle and a part of their biochemical makeup to extrude wax and work it. And I strongly believe they  need the freedom to build it their way.

~ Phil Chandler, the barefoot bee keeper.

All of us are like those honey bees, working hard to build a home. Here at CFC, we work to help you build a solid future.

Let’s start off with your personal financial fitness.  A Free budget analysis will help to find you a budget that works and maybe extra money that can be stored away or used for a vacation! Here at CFC, one of our own recently re-evaluated their budget and realized they could save an extra $282 as it was being wasted on cable and internet. They identified this and switched to something else that is working for them! 

Whether you need help with setting up a monthly budget for your home or business; we want to establish or fix your current personal or business credit or in case you need great services, we are here for you!

If you have any questions, please email us at We are standing by waiting to help you with your FREE Credit Analysis Now!  Email us right away...  Be speaking with you soon...

Thanks for stopping by!

Christian Financial Counseling has been selected two years in a row for the 2020 Best of Burien Awards for Credit Counseling Services and now qualifies for the Burien Business Hall of Fame.