Welcome to Christian Financial Counseling Credit Repair NW!

We work hard at helping you reach your credit and life goals.

  • Are you starting out and need to build credit?
  • Are you a seasoned individual who has faced hard times and now you have poor credit?
  • Are you looking to fine tune what you’ve already learned?

We offer all of the above and everything in between whether you are looking to purchase a home, refinance your existing loan, buy a new car, or open your life to just having credit available at a good rate, we are your one stop shopping. We will get you on your way and stick with you for the long haul.

We offer specialists for:

  • Financial Fitness Life coaches (Budgets)
  • Credit Repair Specialists
  • Student Loan Consolidation and Forgiveness Experts
  • Business Funding.

We even offer assistance with pairing you with a free consumer attorney should the need arise and qualifications are met. You name it we have someone to help!

(some of the help above is offered through third party alliances and does not mean that we directly employ staff members to specialize in that field)


We are Currently Serving: Alabama, Alaska, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming





Our Business UBI is #604 058 697. You may look our business up via the Department of Revenue site located at the link below. Just furnish the UBI number and search…

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