Do It Yourself Kit




Regular price is $149 and covers up to 3 people–Right now we have a special for the month of January for $79. Head on over to the SPECIALS page to get started.

* We love our DIY group! These make for very successful  clients in a lot of cases. It means that not only are you ready for the repair process, you are ready to take control of the future and learn first hand how to gear up for success! This kit includes over 150 of the most current letters to be used for every situation that you will face on your credit report. Ongoing 3 bureau credit monitoring service is still highly recommended in order for us to better serve you in the event that you need help. This kit is available in all 50 states and will not only be sent to you in a downloadable format but will also be sent via USPS with a tracking number to ensure delivery.

Assistance will continue to be available to make the best of your investment into repairing your credit.