Credit Repair

Credit Repair Program

This service focuses on:

  • The removal of inaccurate negative items reporting on your credit report by utilizing The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).
  • You’re Financial Goals by focusing on the errors as well as addressing the bureaus and creditors with fact based disputes.
  • We look for any and all discrepancies to challenge the bureaus to uphold the law.
  • We will not just base your entire repair on “It’s not mine” like a lot of the other fly by night companies out there. *
  • We work on a factual basis to better benefit your credit file.

o   Bankrupcties must be discharged

o   Judgements will need to be paid

*If you have truly been a victim of identity theft and an item is in fact not yours then we have free services available for that assistance.


Pay Per Delete Program

We offer what is called a Pay Per Delete program. This means that after you enroll in our program, you will only pay for the deletions and corrections that we are successful at. Below are the prices that are set for each item. Prices listed below are per bureau.

  • Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Judgments, Repossessions, Child Support, and Tax Liens $100
  • Collections and Charge Off $50
  • Late Payments $20
  • Inquiries $15
  • Personal Information Correction and Removal $0

You receive a  good faith estimate and a full audit within 3 business days of registration along with a one hour consultation so that you know at most what we will charge for your file and what our plan of attack is. We believe this allows you to control what’s most important to you.

Files can often range from $300-$2500 and we offer a monthly payment plan for the deletions that occur at $99 for single files and $149 for couple’s files.


Registration and Lifetime Enrollment

Registration and Lifetime Enrollment Fees (non-refundable)

  • $149 Single
  • $199 Couple

If you are ready to get started click here. Registration for the service includes your personalized portal set up, a complete credit analysis and audit report, good faith estimate, first round of dispute letters, and our detailed plan of action.

Monthly service charges will be deducted starting 45 days after initial registration. Payday alignment is available for you convenience. You only pay if we get the items disputed OFF your credit report!  A minimum charge is $99.00 for balances over $100.00. In some cases, you may be billed as little as $10.00!

Income based payment plans may be available but restrictions will apply. Please contact us directly if you have additional questions.


Items Needed For Registration

  • Current state issued ID
  • Current utility bill in client’s name
  • Social Security card
  • Voided check for recurring payment processing

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee removals on any file as that is against the CROA. (Credit Repair Organization Act) Our representatives will never make promises based on your file but we will work very hard to help you achieve your goals of having better credit.


Discounts Available

WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!  Ask about our military discount program. This discount will also be available to all government personnel.

Please ask about our other local discount programs that may be available as well.

  • Discover Burien
  • BNI
  • Mary’s Place
  • Union Gospel Mission



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